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High Performance Noise Cancellation Headphones Immerse yourself in incredible sound with Soundcore’s Life Q20 noise-canceling headphones. Hi-Res audio, 100% stronger bass, and 40 hours of playtime make these sleek black headphones your perfect companion for travel or home office. Enjoy music like never before, and let Life Q20 elevate your listening experience!


Noise Cancellation Headphones

Enjoy the future of audio with these noise-canceling headphones. These sleek black headphones are fabulous for audiophiles. Hi-Res audio and custom 40 mm dynamic drivers ensure clarity and detail that take you to a world of pure sound. Hybrid active noise cancellation, perfected after 100,000 real-world tests, provides the serenity to enjoy your music in any environment.

Thanks to the exclusive Bass technology, feel the beat like never before with 100% stronger bass. The 40-hour playtime ensures your musical journey doesn’t have to end. Comfort? Memory foam ear cups gently mold to your ears, providing an all-day comfortable fit.

With a single charge giving you enough juice to enjoy over 600 songs, it is a “must have” item for long-haul travelers, music enthusiasts, or anyone who seeks a premium listening experience. Indulge in extraordinary audio, and let your spirit soar!

Key Features:

High-Resolution Sound: Enjoy certified Hi-Res Audio with 40mm dynamic drivers.
Active Noise Cancellation Headphones: 4 built-in mics filter out 90% of low- and mid-frequency noises.
Enhanced Bass: Strengthen the bass output by up to 100% with our unique technology.
Unmatched Comfort: Memory foam ear cups adapt to your ears, ensuring all-day comfort.
Marathon Playtime: Up to 40 hours of playtime in wireless ANC mode; 60 hours in standard mode.
Additional Features: Includes AUX cable, built-in microphone, and hands-free calling.

Shut Out the World, Feel the Beat: Our hybrid active noise cancellation technology, honed after 100,000 real-world tests, minimizes up to 90% of ambient noise. Whether surrounded by traffic or barking dogs, escape the noise pollution and immerse yourself in your favorite tunes.

Bass That Moves You: Feel the beat with 100% stronger bass! Our unique BassUp technology analyzes and amplifies low frequencies in real-time. If you love EDM and hip-hop, a double press, the play button will elevate your experience.

Long-Lasting Joy with 40-Hour Playtime: Imagine 40 hours of continuous playtime in wireless active noise cancellation mode. That’s over 600 songs or multiple long-haul flights! Need a quick recharge? A 5-minute charge provides 4 hours of listening pleasure.


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