Hot And Cool Air Purifier – Heater And Fan – Large

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Hot and Cool Air Purifier A great  3-in-1 solution for purifying, heating, and circulating air. Smart, efficient, and user-friendly.


Hot And Cool Air Purifier For Comfort And Health

Experience a breath of fresh air, literally! It’s a three-in-one solution for a happier, healthier living space. Dyson’s hot and cool air purifier doesn’t just purify; it intelligently heats and cools your environment, ensuring comfort year-round. With ten adjustable fan speeds, a purifying heater, and HEPA filtration, you reap multiple benefits in one sleek package.

Think of it as your in-home wellness companion, upholding the standards of HEPA H13. It’s an air purifier, heater, and fan (no AC) that ups your comfort level by trapping indoor air pollutants securely. What goes inside stays inside, leaving you with air that’s 99.97% cleaner.

Take The Chill Off!

But that is just the beginning. The Hot And Cool Air Purifier features Air Multiplier technology. This technical advancement supercharges the device’s ability to circulate purified air, effortlessly reaching even those far-off corners. And on chilly mornings or cold winter days, use the heater to warm up your environment quickly and effectively. So, you don’t settle for spot treatments; enjoy consistent, room-filling freshness!

Do you need more time to monitor your air quality and adjust when needed? No worries! The device constantly monitors air quality and reacts instantaneously. Stay in the loop with real-time pollution reports displayed on an easy-to-read LCD screen, or track it on the go via the MyDyson app.

Heat Or Fan – Cool Or Warm Your Space

Ready to kick back and relax? Choose Fan Mode (no AC) for direct cooling and a refreshing 350-degree oscillation or Backward Airflow Mode to purify without a draft. And the best part? The filter is a breeze to change, with helpful notifications ensuring you never miss a beat.

Are you interested in conserving energy? Easily schedule shutdowns between 30 minutes to 8 hours. Is noise bothersome to you? Select Night Mode offers quieter settings and a dimmed display so that you can rest easy.

Voice control? Absolutely! It integrates with Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, or Google Home for hands-free control. Just say the word and consider it done.

Brand: Dyson

Color: white/silver


Package Dimensions: 279x1041x7961

Release Date: 01-03-2023

UPC: 885609021751

Hot And Cool Air Purifier

With optimal performance backed by rigorous testing, this Hot And Cool Air Purifier delivers purified and heated air in spaces up to 2860ft³, providing effortless comfort and cleanliness.

Product Notes: This device offers a Fan function; it is not an AC unit and requires compatible devices for app-based control.

Inhale the difference, exhale the stress. Your ultimate sanctuary is just one click away!


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