Purple LED Flame Bulbs: For Holidays, Parties, Home Decor

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Purple LED Flame Bulbs Whether used at church, your business, bedroom, living room, or media room, these bulbs are a fit for all. Turn on the flame mode for a romantic dinner or switch to general light mode for a more traditional setting. They’re also great for bars, hotels, nightclubs, and wedding decor. Why settle…



Purple LED Flame Bulbs For An Ambiance Win

Are you looking for a way to elevate the atmosphere of your space? Say hello to the Purple LED Flame Bulbs—a magical blend of technology and design that’ll turn any room into a serene haven or lively party space!

Quality That Stands Out – Purple LED Flame Bulbs

Powered with a robust 6W, the Purple LED Flame Bulbs deliver an astonishing 320 lumens. These light bulbs are different from your ordinary illumination device. Each bulb contains 99 high-grade 2835 LED beads, giving you a flame that’s brighter and more lifelike than what you get from those old-school 1.8W flame lights.

Purple LED Flame Bulbs With Four Modes for Every Mood

Illuminate your space to create ambiance and emotion. Choose from four distinct modes to suit your vibe:

  • Flame Simulation Mode: Perfect for cozy evenings, making it feel like you’re near a crackling fireplace.
  • Breathing Mode: A gentle pulsating light, ideal for meditation spaces.
  • General Light Mode: Your go-to everyday lighting option.
  • Gravity Sensing Mode: Light up from bottom to top, regardless of the bulb’s position, mimicking a real flame!

Safety Comes First

Are you concerned about exposure to harmful substances? Put your worries to rest. These bulbs are designed with excellent heat dissipation and contain no toxic elements, offering a safe and long-lasting experience. With 100,000 hours of life expectancy, you can look forward to many cozy evenings and vibrant parties! Please note these bulbs are NOT WATERPROOF and are recommended for indoor use only.

Maximize the Effect

For the ultimate purple flame experience, place this bulb in a fixture with a frosted glass lampshade, a lantern, or a salt lamp. The textured surroundings add an extra layer to the bulb’s flickering effect, making it even more dramatic and fun.

Brand: Hosercap

Color: Purple C

Package Dimensions: 66x141x151

Product Specifications:

Power: 6W


Base Type: E26/E27

Light Angle: 320°

Frequency: 50-60 Hz

Color temperature: 1600K

Light Source: High brightness 2835 led beads

Operating Temperature: -20℃-+48℃

Lifespan: 100000hours

Package Weight: 324g

UPC: 727536950547

Please note: These bulbs are NOT WATERPROOF. Recommended for indoor use only. 


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