Worlds Fastest Woman: The Story Of Wilma Rudolph

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Dive into this inspiring biography about Wilma Rudolph, the worlds fastest woman.  A true tale of resilience and grit, Wilma overcame childhood polio to win not just one but three Olympic gold medals! Illustrated by Caldecott winner David Diaz, this book is available in both paperback and school & library binding.

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The Worlds Fastest Woman

Prepare to be moved by the worlds fastest woman. This compelling, award-winning biography vividly chronicles the life of Wilma Rudolph – a shining star in the world of athletics and an everlasting symbol of resilience. Facing physical challenges but never confined by them, Wilma defied all odds to become an Olympic legend. Illustrated with captivating artistry by Caldecott medal-winner David Diaz, this book is a feast for the eyes and the soul.

Imagine being under five years old and hearing doctors say you’ll never walk again because of polio’s paralyzing grip on your left leg. Now, picture little Wilma Rudolph hearing those exact words but shaking her head defiantly. She didn’t just aim to walk; she set her sights on running—fast! And that’s what she did.

Wilma’s story isn’t just a tale of athletic prowess; it’s a saga of indomitable willpower. What makes her story all the more enthralling is that she became the first American woman to bag three gold medals in one Olympiad. Yep, you read that right! She didn’t just make history; she sprinted into the annals of American sports legends.

As you flip through the pages, you’ll be captivated by stunning watercolor and acrylic illustrations. These aren’t just pictures but visual narratives that add depth and dimension to Wilma’s extraordinary life story. David Diaz, the Caldecott medal-winning artist, has poured his talent into making this book an unforgettable experience.

Author: Krull Kathleen

Brand: Krull, Kathleen/ Diaz, David (ILT)

Edition: First Edition

Format: Picture Book

Package Dimensions: 16x278x240

Number Of Pages: 44

Release Date: 01-02-2000

This publication isn’t just a book; it’s a tribute to the spirit of resilience and a testament to what humans can achieve with courage and determination. Wilma Rudolph’s life is an everlasting beacon, showing us that no mountain is too high and no obstacle too great when self-belief and unyielding perseverance fuel you.

So immerse yourself in this awe-inspiring true story, and let Wilma Rudolph’s indomitable spirit to become the worlds fastest woman fuel your dreams of victory.



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