Think Like A Proton Smartphone Display Stand

Setting up the Proton Stand is as easy as 1-2-3! Just slide the two pieces together, and voilà – your phone has a new best friend. Need to head out? Disassemble it with the same ease. Compact and lightweight, it’s the perfect travel companion, helping you keep connected easily. But the Think Like A Proton…


Discover a delightful fusion of function and inspiration with our “Think Like A Proton Stay Positive” Smartphone Upright Stand. This standout piece not only adds a pop of charming purple to your workspace or travel kit but also serves as a steadfast supporter of your digital viewing needs.

Crafted from a robust hardboard panel and a sturdy plastic leg, our Proton Stand promises an unwavering, wobble-free experience. So whether you’re streaming your favorite show, video-calling a loved one, or attending a crucial online meeting, this stand stands tall with your smartphone, ensuring you have the best view.

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