Muscle Workout Planner – Hardcover A5 Exercise Logbook

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Muscle Workout Planner.  An ideal tool for those seeking inspiration in strength, cardio, or overall wellness. Don’t wait; start tracking and triumphing now!


Muscle Workout Planner – Crush Your Goals 

A muscle workout planner is a great tool to have in your fitness toolkit. With this dynamic workout journal, you can set and track daily and weekly exercise objectives for up to 8 months. Organize your upcoming workouts and celebrate your victories with a sense of accomplishment. Laser focus, here you come!

Get Healthier, Quicker With A Muscle Workout Planner

Guide your wellness journey and speed up your gains with this muscle workout planner. Whether you’re looking to bulk up, boost strength, or live a healthier life, measuring your progress is the first step to improvement. After all, what you track, you can improve!

User-Friendly Design 

Make your path to fitness as simple as possible. This workout planner offers an intuitive system for tracking incremental progress, easy-to-read fonts, and ample space for notes. The only thing you’ll be stressing about is your next workout.

Built To Last 

This exercise log isn’t just another book; it’s a durable companion designed to withstand wear and tear from the gym, running trails, or even your kitchen. The hardcover journal includes 120gsm high-quality that are strong, just like you!

Ideal Gift Choice 

Do you know someone enthusiastic about fitness or who dreams of getting in shape? This workout logbook is the perfect gift to gauge their health and fitness journey. The rugged hardcover protects against life’s little mishaps, making it an ideal choice for those committed to their fitness goals.


  • Bright, white, smooth-to-write-on 120 GSM paper.
  • Metal spiral binding safeguards your planner in gym settings and doubles as a pen holder.
  • A well-placed strap keeps it shut securely when not in use. 
  • Bookmark ribbon helps you stay organized.
  • 138 thoughtfully designed pages, including 129 tracking pages, a goals section, weekly progress reports, and even a space for personal bests.

Brand: Nextnoid

Color: Black

Format: Notebook

Package Dimensions: 18x211x322

Number Of Pages: 140

UPC: 196852757084


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