Bestselling Longevity Book – Outlive By Peter Attia MD

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Dive into the #1 New York Times Bestseller Longevity book that’s changing lives across the globe! Dr. Peter Attia’s groundbreaking book contains a treasure trove of longevity secrets, isn’t just about living longer but living better. Forget conventional medical thinking on aging. This visionary physician presents a new approach to extending your “healthspan,” focusing on…



Bestselling Longevity Book

Embark on a life-changing journey towards living better and longer with this groundbreaking manifesto! Challenge conventional thoughts on aging and uncover a fresh, revolutionary approach to prevent chronic diseases and promote long-term health. All this from a visionary physician and leading longevity expert, Dr. Peter Attia.

Are You Ready to Live Longer and Better? Dive into Dr. Peter Attia’s insightful manual for longevity. Drawing on today’s cutting-edge science, he offers innovative nutritional guidance, techniques for maximizing exercise and sleep, and tools for enhancing emotional and mental well-being.

Author: Attia MD Peter

Color: White

Edition: First Edition

Package Dimensions: 41x237x821

Number Of Pages: 496

Release Date: 28-03-2023

No “biohacking.” Natural science is a strategic and tactical roadmap to enhance your lifespan and physical, cognitive, and emotional vitality. Dr. Attia’s mission is to guide you in learning to think about long-term health, empowering you to craft the perfect plan for you. In his inspiring longevity book, “Outlive,” readers will explore:

• The hidden truths about cholesterol tests and their limitations in assessing heart attack risks.
• The possibility of an unnoticed yet widespread liver condition as a precursor to chronic aging diseases.
• Exercise as a powerful longevity enhancer – and how to train for life’s “Centenarian Decathlon.”
• A shift from diet fads to a focus on nutritional biochemistry, using technology to personalize your eating patterns.
• The essential balance between physical health and emotional well-being, ensuring a fulfilled life.

With innovative insights into nutritional interventions, exercise optimization, sleep techniques, and mental and emotional health tools, this book is your guide to a vibrant future. Aging and longevity aren’t a course set in stone. Adaptable and within your control. Grab the steering wheel of your life and take a route that lets you outlive your genes, making each decade brighter and more vibrant than the one before!


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