Top Fill Humidifier: Quiet Rapid Ultrasonic Humidification

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Invest in your comfort, health, and well-being with a top fill humidifier. Perfect for nurseries, bedrooms, and offices.

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This top fill humidifier promises to make your home more comfortable this winter season. In addition to beautiful snowfalls, the winter means drier indoor air, often causing discomfort in our homes. Ensuring your living space retains optimal humidity levels can be a game-changer for your comfort and health.

Top Fill Humidifier Features

3L Generous Water Capacity: Combat pesky congestion, sore throat, and coughs in the comfort of your home! With just 25 watts, this ample 3-liter tank delivers 25 hours of consistent moisture, ensuring three peaceful nights on a single refill.

Easy To Use Top-Fill Feature: Gone are the days of messy refills! Slide off the tank cover and pour water with complete ease. No spills, no fuss.

2-in-1 Diffuser & Humidifier: Elevate your living space! Add 10-15 drops of your cherished essential oils and transform your room into a refreshing oasis. Choose lemongrass for a light and refreshing citrus burst. Want to feel calm or more relaxed? Choose peppermint or chamomile. Want to elevate your mood? Try cardamom or lemon oil!

Whisper-Quiet Operation: Dream undisturbed. Experience a serene environment as this humidifier works silently, offering a tranquil night’s sleep. Plus, with its auto-shut-off function, it promises safety every night.

Customized Control: Adjust the mist as you prefer with a simple turn of a knob. The 360° nozzle allows you to direct the moisture wherever you desire.

Swift Humidity Boost: Feel the difference quickly! With its robust mist output, users experience a 10% humidity increase in just 20 minutes, outpacing many other models.


Color: White

Package Dimensions: 198x338x1724

Release Date: 06-12-2022

UPC: 810043377478

Why is Dryness a Concern? During the chilly winter months, indoor heating can sap moisture from the air, leading to various health issues and discomfort. A well-humidified space can soothe dry skin, protect wooden furniture, and maintain the health of houseplants. Moreover, proper moisture levels can reduce static electricity and enhance overall well-being.

Remember to replace your water filter regularly to prolong the life of your device and enjoy optimal performance.


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