Smart HEPA Air Purifier With Wifi – Levioit Core 200S

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Smart HEPA Air Purifier Gain control of your environment with this Smart WiFi HEPA Air Purifier, your new best friend for cleaner air and a healthier lifestyle. This sleek, modern device packs a triple-punch against pollutants, using top-notch filters to snatch up everything from pet hair to pollen.


Smart HEPA Air Purifier – Removes Allergies And Pollutants – 915 Sq. Ft. Coverage

Get ready to breathe easier with the Levoit 200 Core Smart WiFi HEPA Air Purifier. It’s your ticket to cleaner, fresher air at home or in the office. This air purifier keeps your well-being in mindβ€”no ozone or harmful UV-C light here. It’s friendly for both people with asthma and your pets!

The magic lies in its powerful filtration system. The ultra-fine Nylon Pre-Filter catches bigger particles like pet hair and dust, while the High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter does an excellent job absorbing odors and fumes. But it doesn’t stop there. The HEPA filter removes 99.97% of airborne particles as tiny as 0.3 microns. That means pollen, dust, and other allergens don’t stand a chance!

You Deserve A Healthy Environment

Worried about noise? Thanks to its quiet operation at just 24 dB, you’ll hardly know it’s there. You can sleep or work undisturbed, and if you like total darkness, use the Display Off button to turn off all the lights.

Here’s where the unit excels. You can control this air purifier from your smartphone using the VeSync app. Adjust the settings even when you’re not at home. How smart is that? And for those who love voice commands, it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Setting it up is a breeze. Turn on the Smart HEPA air purifier, open the VeSync app, and you’ll find simple instructions. And don’t worry about safety; it’s got all the certifications to prove it’s up to the task. Need to change the filter? The app will let you know, ensuring the longest lifespan and peak performance.


Color: Cream White

Package Dimensions: 235x375x3493

Release Date: 30-10-2020

UPC: 810043378000

Say goodbye to allergies and hello to fresh air. Its sleek 360Β° design makes it effective in rooms up to 183 ftΒ², refreshing the air 5x per hour. This is not just an air purifier; it’s your guardian for cleaner, healthier living. So, take that deep breath – you’ve earned it!


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