Multicolor KN95 Masks: 5 Layers, Disposable Respirator 50 Count

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Multicolor KN95 Masks For Safety And Style Ready to level up your mask game? Meet our Multicolor KN95 Masks! With five lively colors in a 50-pack, you can match your mask to your mood. But it’s not just about style; enjoy protection with a 95% filter efficiency and ultimate comfort with skin-friendly fabric. Your perfect…


Multicolor KN95 Masks – Colorful Protection

Step up your mask game with these Multicolor KN95 Masks, available in a 50-pack featuring five vibrant colors: Grey, White, Red, Purple, and Black. With 10 of each color, you can effortlessly match your mask to your outfit or mood. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about being safe too!

Let’s talk about safety first. These KN95 masks have five protective layers, significantly more than the usual 3-Ply disposable masks. Constructed with:

  • Two (2) non-woven outer layers
  • Two (2) melt-blown inner filters
  • A middle layer of non-woven cotton.Β 

This design offers a filter efficiency of more than 95%, making these masks a reliable choice for extra protection, whether dealing with poor air quality issues or guarding your immunity during cold and flu season.

Comfort is crucial when you’re wearing a mask for extended periods. These masks use skin-friendly, non-woven fabric that won’t irritate your face. Plus, they feature high-elastic ear loops and an adjustable nosepiece for a snug, comfortable fit. Say goodbye to ear strain and hello to long-lasting comfort!

What sets these masks apart is their 3D design. The shape fits facial contours; these masks seal tightly and block most irritants when worn correctly. The enhanced design increases the breathing volume, making wearing and exhaling much more comfortable than conventional masks.

It’s important to note that while these masks are highly efficient, they are not N95 masks. Always read up on the specific protections offered by KN95 masks before purchasing.

So, whether you’re headed to the office, grocery store, or just out and about, these Multicolor KN95 Masks are your go-to choice for comfort and protection. It’s the perfect way to add color to your safety and wellness routine today!


Color: White, Black, Grey, Maroon, Navy Blue

Package Dimensions: 121x172x381

Never find yourself without a stylish and practical face mask again! Includes 50 units – 10 of each color.


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