IPL Hair Removal System For Body & Face With Razor And Pouch

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This IPL Hair Removal System offers a groundbreaking solution for long-lasting, salon-quality smoothness from the comfort of your home.

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IPL Hair Removal System – Get Salon-Quality Smooth Skin from Home!

The IPL Hair Removal System is your answer if you dream of achieving silky-smooth skin without the hassle of salon appointments. The Braun Silk Expert Pro IPL Hair Removal system makes that dream a reality. Enjoy up to six months of noticeably smoother skin after 12 weekly sessions. Many users report up to 74% less hair in areas like the bikini line, legs, and underarms. Although individual results vary, noticeable changes often appear within four weeks!

Fast And Gentle IPL Hair Removal System For Face And Body

No one has time for lengthy and uncomfortable hair removal sessions. The cutting-edge SkinPro 2.0 technology in this device, also known as SensoAdapt, takes care of that. It automatically adjusts the power of each flash to match your unique skin tone, balancing both speed and skin safety for an optimal experience.

Comprehensive Coverage, No Missed Spots

Say goodbye to uneven patches and hello to comprehensive coverage! This IPL device flashes up to 125 times per minute, making treatments quick and efficient. You’ll appreciate the thorough coverage it provides as you glide it across your skin.

Designed With Sensitive Skin In Mind

If you’re concerned about treating sensitive areas like the face, armpit, or bikini line, worry no more! The device features two sensitive modes that reduce light intensity, ensuring a comfortable experience even on the most delicate skin.

User-Friendly with Three Intuitive Modes

Choose from three intuitive power modesβ€”normal, gentle, and extra gentleβ€”to tailor your treatment to your comfort level. Ideal for first-time users, the sensitive skin mode offers virtually pain-free sessions.

Perfectly Portable And Organized

Organization and travel have never been more effortless! The handy on-the-go zip pouch holds the IPL device and all its attachments, offering easy storage and portability wherever life takes you.

Brand: Braun

Color: White/Gold

Package Dimensions: 87x282x1270

Release Date: 12-07-2022

UPC: 069055890523

What’s Included With TheΒ  IPL Hair Removal System?

The package includes the Silk Expert Pro 5 IPL device with a standard head, an additional precision head for targeted treatment, a Venus Extra Smooth Swirl razor, and a soft pouch for easy storage and travel.

Achieve your dream of beautifully smooth skin now!


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