Angry Santa Stickers

Looking to spice up the festive season? Our Funny Angry Santa Stickers are perfect for you! Featuring a hilarious, grumpy Santa with the caption, “Yep, You Definitely Made the Naughty List,” these 100% vinyl stickers are a holiday game-changer. Available in 4 sizes and 2 background options, they’re kiss-cut for easy peeling and indoor use.…


🎅 Unleash Your Inner Rebel with Our Funny Angry Santa Stickers! 🎅

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Ho, Ho, Ho…Hold on a minute! Are you tired of the same old jolly Santa? Spice up your holiday season with our Funny, Angry Santa Stickers! Featuring a hilarious, grumpy Santa and the caption, “Yep, You Definitely Made the Naughty List,” these stickers are perfect for those who like to keep things a little cheeky. 🎄✨

Features: Unmatched Quality and Flexibility 🌟

Our stickers are not just funny; they’re also incredibly versatile and high-quality. Crafted from 100% vinyl with 3M glue, these stickers are designed to stick around! The kiss-cut method allows you to peel off your sticker smoothly, allowing you to place Angry Santa wherever you please. Choose from four sizes and a white or transparent background to make it uniquely yours. 🌈

Design and Usability: Perfect for Indoor Shenanigans 🏠

The design format is PNG, ensuring a high-quality image that captures every detail of Santa’s grumpy expression. Although these stickers are for indoor use (sorry, they’re not waterproof!), their impact is anything but limited. Stick them on your laptop, water bottle, or Christmas cards for a dash of holiday humor. The grey adhesive on the left side for white stickers ensures a clean and seamless look. 🎁

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So, are you ready to shake up the holiday season? Don’t settle for the ordinary when you can have extraordinary! Click “Add to Cart” now and let our Funny Angry Santa Stickers add a sprinkle of sass to your festivities. Trust us, it’s the one time making the Naughty List feels so good! 🛒🎉

Get yours today, and let the holiday mischief begin! 🎅🤣

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