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Perseverance in the Face of Adversity Fuel the Ultimate Success

It’s important to take a look at the long and short views of perseverance. 

Over a long time, it becomes nearly impossible to endure struggling. With no signs of success imminent, it’s much easier to give up. In fact, the people who love you most will insist you give up when failure rears its ugly head.

Focus on Shorter Goals Instead of the Long Journey
Focus on Shorter Goals Instead of the Long Journey

Anyone who has ever began a business knows what people think. They are constantly ready to tell you that you should quit, “for your own good.” Chances are high they mean it, too. Struggling to accomplish anything is tough work. Most people won’t even try anything difficult because the effort to achieve something requires so much work.

You Can’t Learn Much from Those Who Accept Failure

The trouble is, you can’t take advice from individuals who accept failure. If you’re on an entrepreneur’s journey, well-meaning advice from those who always work for others won’t help. They don’t have the experience doing what you want to do. That’s why their opinions don’t hold weight.

If you want to succeed, you learn wisdom from those who have. That’s why inspirational quotes are fun to review. They contain wisdom that comes from people with a lot of life experience. Most of them mightily struggled before they became well known. There’s no guarantee that you’ll have to put up with tons of difficulties. Still, preparing yourself for the possibility is logical. 

Determination Is the Wake-Up Call to the Human Will
Determination Is the Wake-Up Call to the Human Will

It takes determination to keep going on a path that’s fraught with peril. Determination strengthens due to self-confidence. That’s why the philosophy of thinking positive continues to win new converts. Optimism breeds the type of confidence that results in resolute determination.

Sure, some people are overnight successes. Depending on which field you choose, nearly instant success is possible. However, for most people, success is a process that involves clearing ever-higher hurdles. As your skills progress, you see that you have better and better results. 

Bodybuilders are a prime example of the need to persevere. Even the person with the most naturally gifted physique has to put in countless hours of training to content for a championship. The same holds true for almost every profession. Can you actually become an outstanding attorney in six months? In the age of specialization we live in, it’s doing the little things consistently that matters for the majority of leaders. 

The near-term view of perseverance means dealing with whatever TODAY throws at you.

The long view means you have to keep repeating the first rule for as long as it takes! Even when others disagree with your or think you can’t win. It’s not easy to keep on going no matter what, but it’s the one skill you can learn to change your life drastically.





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