New Skills Are a Popular Cure for a Lean Purse

The famed self improvement tome “The Richest Man in Babylon” talked about the so-called “cures for a lean purse” that would help people get extra revenue streams.

The concept is extremely sound. Anyone who is hurting for cash flows needs to find new ways to earn. Luckily for them, that idea has never been easier to achieve than it is in current times. Our current economy is set up so that extra money can be earned easily by just about anyone who is willing to do the work (provided they have the right skills.)

Technology has made it so that people can do “gigs” easily from the safety of their own homes. The fact that there are no travel expenses means the work is lucrative and can be done with the commitment level you’re willing to offer. Talk about perfect part-time work. The important thing is that you perform work that you’re actually qualified for. This could be a skill directly related to your current employment, or a dormant skill that you happen to be good at that’s been placed on your back burner.

New Skill Acquisition Pays Off

Use Tech To Cure Your Lean Purse
Use Tech To Cure Your Lean Purse

Another major advantage to modern times is that acquiring new skills is also easy. There are a number of online education facilities that can be tapped to pick up low-cost certification in any subject.

If you’re really pressed for cash, feel free to “audit” any online course you want. You won’t get a certificate if you go this route, but you will gain the knowledge. Most freelancing websites have online tests they offer to certify your skills. Take the course and then do the testing on the freelance website and you’ll be good to go. Just like that you’ll be able to market additional services.

Don’t despair about your lean purse. Keep your mindset positive and focus on the fact that it’s easier than ever to acquire and market new skills.





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