Mindset Matters Because It Affects Your Actions

Some people still refer to the idea of attitude or mindset as some sort of optional, metaphysical concept that is only lightly correlated with your results in life.

This philosophy seems dangerously misguided. Mindset is incredibly important, for the simple reason that how you think about something affects the actions you take. The action you take is ultimately the single most important element of your eventual success or failure, so mindset appears to be highly correlated with the eventual results you get. For this reason it’s fair to view your mindset as a prime mover in whether you achieve your goals or not.

Star Award For Great MindsetIf mindset, then, is actually incredibly important, all efforts to keep your mindset positive should be attempted. A poor attitude towards a project almost always results in shoddy work that reflects a high degree of carelessness. This type of slipshod production will not win you any fans. Imagine, instead, if you were to deliver truly inspired work to your clients or on behalf of your employers. It’s easy to see that you would earn a higher income if your finished product was of the highest quality. People who have honed their mindsets to a point of near perfection almost always turn out incredible, praiseworthy work. You can do the same if you’re willing to put in the effort.

You’re in Charge of Your Mindset

What’s nice about mindset is that you’re in charge of the settings! You have the power to select positive, negative, or neutral if you decide. A positive mindset has a few advantages that are worth pointing out. When you’re positive about something you’re more likely to view challenges favorably. When you’re feeling particularly negative, you may assume that a challenge has a great weight than you’re willing to bear. You may feel that the whole situation is unfair or even worse, that you’re “sick” of stuff like this happening to someone like you. These are all lousy ways to look at any relatively benign situation. If you don’t like how things are going, change your mindset and your behavior.

There is a lot of comfort in the realization that we’re in charge of our mindsets. It’s only when we cede that power to others that we experience true misery. Anytime you let someone dictate your mood or your attitude, you’re inviting all kinds of nasty things to happen. When you stop that from happening, you retain the proper mindset, which is the one you chose for yourself. By default, when that mindset is automatically positive and you remain unaffected by the other people you deal with, you’re gaining the type of emotional mastery that results in higher productivity and more success.

Learning how to control your mindset is a perfect starting point on the road to improving your skills.






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