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Do What You Can with What You Have Right Where You Are

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Many people have started over because of tragedy, disaster, or run-of-the-mill lousy luck.

It’s a tough time to be sure, but one that offers a lot of lessons. Once you claw your way back from misfortune, you realize how incredibly powerful you are. That revelation is enough to propel you to further heights.

It’s no surprise that many people have failed before their ultimate triumph. That’s why dealing with losses is essential in personal development. How we handle setbacks determines how much risk we’re willing to take. 

Do What You Can with What You Have Right Where You Are
Do What You Can with What You Have Right Where You Are

Theodore Roosevelt, in the plainest language possible, encapsulates a remarkable philosophy with this quote.

Do What You Can To Get A Jump On Your Goals

Anyone who wants to improve their life can implement these three steps.

  • Do what you can
  • Use what you have
  • Start right now from your current position

Most people procrastinate from achieving their goals because they don’t believe they possess the resources to get started. That’s a bad habit to get in because others overcome those obstacles all the time. Start with the talent, time, and tools currently in your position. As time goes on and your situation improves, reinvest in better stuff. You don’t have to start at the top. Patiently add the pieces, and you’ll master your goals. 

Taking Control: The Power Of Embracing Your Current Situation

Consider for a moment the scale of your ambitions, your dreams. Have you ever felt daunted by the sheer magnitude of the path ahead? Have you ever thought you were waiting for the perfect moment or resources to make those dreams a reality? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Many of us get stuck in the waiting game, yearning for the ideal conditions before we take the first step. It’s where Roosevelt’s philosophy finds its true power.

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The power of Roosevelt’s philosophy lies in the fact that it encourages action. His three-step formula is not just a mantra but a blueprint for success. It urges us to harness what we already possess, be it our skills, passion, time, or potential, and do what we can to move forward. It insists that we don’t need to wait for the perfect moment or conditions to start. All we need is to acknowledge our current situation, assess our available resources, and start our journey right from where we stand.

Use Your Current Resources

Do What You Can: Focus On Ability Over Inability

“Doing what you can” is about shifting the focus from what we cannot do to what we can. It is about concentrating our energies on our abilities instead of lamenting our inabilities. This principle does not deny our limitations but focuses on our strengths and capabilities.

By dwelling on our shortcomings, we inadvertently amplify them, often to a point where they eclipse our potential. In contrast, by concentrating on what we can do, we empower ourselves, fuel our self-confidence, and create forward momentum. It’s not about denying our limitations but rather about putting them into perspective and not allowing them to dictate the direction of our lives.

Use What You Have: Leverage Existing Resources

The second step in Roosevelt’s philosophy is “use what you have.” Often, we fixate on what we lack, whether it’s skills, money, time, or connections. This focus on scarcity can become an obstacle to progress. However, if we shift our focus to what we have, we start seeing how to utilize those resources to move forward.

Your current resources might not be grand, but they are enough to get started. It could be your skill in crafting, your knack for storytelling, your love for baking, or your passion for fitness. The key is to recognize what you have at your disposal and leverage it toward your goals. Remember, the most significant revolutions often start small.

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Start Right Now From Your Current Position: Embrace Your Present

“Start right now from your current position” is the third and final step in Roosevelt’s philosophy. It is the call to action. This principle advocates that every moment is an opportunity, and we must seize it.

Waiting for the perfect conditions to get started is a myth. There will always be something that could be better. Waiting for perfection is a procrastination trap, a way for fear and doubt to keep us in inaction. The perfect time to start is now, right from where you are. Take that first step, however small, and you’re already closer to your goal than before.

Roosevelt’s philosophy is more than personal development; it’s about a paradigm shift in how we perceive our challenges, resources, and circumstances. It’s about embracing the idea that we are not powerless. On the contrary, we hold immense power right where we are, with what we have, and we can start making changes right now.

In every failure, there’s an opportunity to learn. In every setback, there’s a chance to grow stronger. In every loss, there’s potential for a new beginning. The goal in life isn’t to wait to let storms pass but to be flexible enough to adjust your sails to adapt to the winds.

So, don’t wait for everything to be perfect to enjoy your life. Don’t hold back until you have everything you think you need. You are capable and have resources, and your journey can start now. This forward-thinking philosophy can transform your life if you allow it.

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It shifts the locus of control back into your hands, encouraging you to act now, to make the best use of your resources, and to turn your situation around. Remember, the secret to getting ahead is getting started. So, do what you can, with what you have, right where you are, and watch as your life turns towards the incredible.

Wise Words From A Respected Leader

Roosevelt achieved many great things in his life, including being the 26th. President of the United States. He believed in a philosophy of pulling yourself up by the proverbial bootstraps. That attitude is perfect to adopt, especially in the current era.

Great things happen once you decide you have the power to change your life. You don’t have to settle for arbitrary limitations any longer.

It doesn’t matter who you are now or what you know. What makes the difference is your willingness to do the hard work required by change. People willing to step up and meet their responsibilities can achieve whatever they want. Roosevelt knew this and wanted everyone else to understand it too. Positive quotes help keep motivation high! 

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