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Do What You Can with What You Have Right Where You Are

Many people have started over because of tragedy, disaster, or just plain bad luck.

It’s a tough time to be sure, but one that offers a lot of lessons. Once you claw your way back from misfortune, you realize just how incredibly powerful you are. That revelation is enough to propel you to further heights.

It’s no surprise that many people have failed before their ultimate triumph. That’s why the theme of dealing with losses is important in personal development. How we handle setbacks determines how much risk we’re willing to take. 

Do What You Can with What You Have Right Where You Are
Do What You Can with What You Have Right Where You Are

Theodore Roosevelt, in the plainest language possible, encapsulates a remarkable philosophy with this quote.

A Three Step Formula for Achievement

Anyone who wants to improve their lot in life can do so by implementing these three steps.

  • Do what you can
  • Use what you have
  • Start right now from your current position

Most people procrastinate from achieving their goals because they don’t think they have the resources to get started. That’s a bad habit to get in because others overcome those obstacles all the time. Start with the talent, time, and tools that are currently in your position. As times goes on and your situation improves, reinvest in better stuff. You don’t have to start out at the top. Patiently add the pieces and your income will soar.

That formula has always been a winner. People improve their skills and their presentation and then receive higher compensation. Most people don’t start out at the very apex. They only get there as they advance step by step. Roosevelt certainly achieved many great things in his life, including being the 26th. President of the United States. He believed in a philosophy of pulling yourself up by the proverbial bootstraps. That type of attitude is a perfect one to adapt, especially during the current era.

Once you decide you have the power to change your life, great things happen. You don’t have to settle for arbitrary limitations any longer.

It doesn’t matter who you are now or what you know. What makes the difference is your willingness to do the hard work required by change. Any person who’s willing to step up and meet their responsibilities can achieve whatever they want. Roosevelt knew this and wanted everyone else to understand it too. Positive quotes like this are worth reviewing, only to refresh your memory on your vision for the future.





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