Be Careful Not to Lose Focus

If you take your eye off the ball, even for a second, bad things happen.

You’ll find this old axiom is true in baseball and life. In baseball, the problem is you’ll get bonked in the head by a fastball! In life, lack of focus has numerous negative consequences. Staying focused is a major benefit to anyone who masters the skill. When you stay the course and don’t allow your energy to dissipate across too many endeavors, your results accumulate.

Entrepreneurial people have a tendency to jump from idea to idea. It’s part of their nature. When it comes time to bear down, though, they’ll end up having to focus on their best ideas. Your finest concepts are the ones that will get you the biggest results, so placing your resources on them is rational. It pays to review what you’re working on periodically. It’s not uncommon to find that they’re doing some low-value activities too often. If that’s the case, it time to get ruthless and cut the garbage out of your schedule!

You’re the Only One Who Knows What Direction to Take

It's Your Time to Shine
It’s Your Time to Shine

Nobody else is in a position to tell you exactly what needs to go. Many routine tasks become a habit even ones that aren’t adding much to the bottom line. Some of them may even offer a bit of emotional comfort. However, if they’re aren’t helping you make a tangible profit, they have to go.

Paying the most attention to the areas that make you the profit is standard advice that’s excellent. If you eliminate two hours of nonproductive time daily and replace them with time spent cultivating your core competencies, you’ll see your financial success increase. The line that separates abundance and scarcity is consistency, determination, and a focused plan. When you follow a proven formula for long enough, it’s only a matter of time until you see returns.

It’s okay to have several sidelines and interests going on simultaneously. Hustlers tend to have their irons in more than one fire. The only requirement is that you give your best to all the endeavors you attempt.






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