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Why Accountability Matters: Tools To Keep You On Track

We’ve all been there. You set a goal and map a plan, yet somehow, we veer off course. It’s easy to make excuses or procrastinate, but a game-changing factor can make all the difference: accountability. So, why does having someone to answer to improve your chances of success drastically? Let’s dig in.

Why Accountability Matters

Having a sense of accountability means feeling a particular responsibility to accomplish what you set out to do. Whether it’s finishing a project, hitting the gym, or learning a new skill, knowing someone is keeping tabs can be incredibly motivating. It’s like having a cheerleader and a coach rolled into one: they’ll celebrate your wins and offer constructive feedback when you stumble.

Why It Works

  1. Eliminates Excuses: When someone is holding you accountable, it becomes difficult to justify slacking off.
  2. Provides Emotional Support: Sometimes, knowing someone else believes in you can be enough to keep you going.
  3. Brings a Second Perspective: Accountability partners or tools can help you see your blind spots and areas for improvement.

Tools To Keep You Accountable

With technology at our fingertips, staying accountable is easier than ever. Below are some tools designed to keep you on track.

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  1. Todoist: A straightforward task manager allowing you to share your to-do lists.
  2. MyFitnessPal: Useful for fitness goals, you can keep track of your progress and even share updates.
  3. Beeminder: This app financially incentivizes you to stick to your goals.

There are but a few apps you can use to keep yourself accountable for almost anything. Please choose the one that fits your budget and style and stay consistent with its use.

As with most of the subjects we discuss on Level Up Your Skills, consistency is the glue that keeps your project together until completion. If you fall off, you’ll soon make excuses to quit altogether.

Accountability Partners

Balance accountability

Having a human touch can work wonders. A friend, family member, or mentor should provide the emotional support and insight that apps can’t. Regular check-ins with your accountability partner can give you the push you need.

Social Commitment

Announcing your goals on social media or a blog can add a layer of public accountability. No one wants to report to the world that they’ve failed.

It’s easy to do across your favorite social sites. If you fail, you may face ridicule, which could motivate you never to surrender. It’s among the reasons why accountability matters.


The poor habit of procrastinating is the secret thief of progress. Any success with something would be further if you stuck with your plan. The times when you fail to execute, especially if they’re lengthy, like weeks or months, will push you towards falling.

Being accountable isn’t about policing yourself but empowering yourself to be consistent and persistent. So, find the method that works for you and start reaping the rewards of accountability today! Many of your failings aren’t unique but are part of human nature.

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So please don’t feel bad about any shortcomings, especially when working to overcome them! Rejoice that you’re separating yourself from people who “don’t care” and working to be the best version of yourself possible.

Stay inspired and on track, everyone! 🌟