The World Keeps on Getting Better and Better

It’s almost unimaginable how much progress the world has made in the last century and this one.

Humans have access to more technology, healthcare, and educational opportunities than at any time in history. Advancement is a real possibility for the majority of people in almost all countries. There are some backward places; there’s no question about that. All in all, though, progress has been made on every front. Those people who find themselves always complaining about how times have changed for the worst are making a terrible mistake. They’re confusing rough times in their life with the overall state of the whole planet.

Not Everyone Is Suffering, Even If You Are

There Must Be Something That Makes You Happy
There Must Be Something That Makes You Happy

When situations go against you, it’s easy to start generalizing about your condition. Confirmation bias ensures that everything they see agrees with their preconception that everything is bad. Maintaining a weak viewpoint like this is a huge mistake! When you suffer a setback in business or a career, you have to assess whether it’s your fault or if you’re suffering from a systemic meltdown. When a whole team or division is wiped out, it’s probably not all your fault! However, if you lose a job in a fast-growing sector because of your performance, you can’t blame anyone but yourself.

Right now people from the poorest countries on earth are using new tools to increase their incomes. For many of them, it will be the first time someone in their family has lifted themselves out of poverty. Even though these folks were in dire straights, they recognized that the world has changed and that they could make moves that would result in positive results. The same holds true for virtually everyone who’s flexible enough to embrace altered circumstances with an open mind.

Get out there and make the types of moves that you know you need to make. Your future is depending on what you do right now. If you want a life of happiness and prosperity, live in alignment with how things are, instead of how they once were.






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