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Teach Yourself How to Think Positive Thoughts The Easy Way

Teach yourself how to think positive thoughts and life gets a whole lot easier!

Most people don’t automatically “think positive.” Whether you view the world in a positive light or not is a product of your temperament and experience.

The sad thing is, negative thinking is a real detriment to your ultimate success. When you decide that you “just can’t win” or that other people have certain advantages that aren’t available to you, you push your goals far out of your reach.

The big problem with negative thinking is that it undermines your real word efforts to get ahead! Motivation and an upbeat mindset go hand in hand, like French Fries and Ketchup. When your motivation collapses, your progress towards goals leaves the barn! It’s like draining all the gas from your car and wondering why it just won’t go!

You need to stay focused and confident that your actions are getting you to your ultimate destination. You must eliminate any obstacle that stands in the way of that progress ruthlessly. Keep in mind how thinking positive thoughts helps and when it doesn’t make much of a difference.

Optimistic, Positive Thoughts Fuel Motivation

  • The right mindset keeps your motivational levels high. In certain case, you may even feel truly inspired, which helps you take action on a massive scale.
  • Positive thoughts are also crucial for combatting unpleasant situations. Finding out bad news from a medical examination is never good. However, if you allow your thinking to crumble to the point where you’re obsessed with the wrong types of outcomes, you may have a problem.
  • Staying on the sunny side of the streets makes you more grateful, which is extremely healthy.

Times When Thinking Positive Cannot HelpI Am Grateful Roses Have Thorns

  • Even a dominant thought is rendered useless in situations where you refuse to take action. If you don’t do anything to help your cause, simply being confident and upbeat is not enough. If you aren’t willing to take the steps needed to earn more money or to get a new job, wishful thinking is the result. This type of thought pattern is dangerous to a degree and is one reason there are so many people who oppose the personal development. That said, those who take action and remain in the right mindset tend to excel at everything they try.

If you’re ready to take action and you believe in yourself, there’s nothing you won’t accomplish. When you’re content with your daily job and happy about prospects, taking action is incredibly smooth. People who love their work can tap into that passion when they may otherwise lose motivation. Even if you don’t like your job all that much, the results you get from it can serve to keep your ambitions burning.

Join the Ranks of History’s Greatest Self Empowered Achievers

Taking the steps that are requirements for success in your field while maintaining a vibrant outlook and belief that everything works out have always gotten people to the top. History’s greatest people were “positive thinkers” long before there was a label for it. In fact, the concept of “pessimism” didn’t appear on the scene until around 1795 when a certain malaise from the industrial age set in on the people of the developed world. They mistook their downcast mindset for a stable philosophy. Sadly their gloomy teachings are still touted by a lot of individuals.

The phrase pessimism sprang to life in 1795 because people alive then thought that the future would be worse than their present. How wrong they were, as the progress of the last several centuries shows!

Positive Thoughts Are Not Enough Because Action Matters
Positive Thoughts Are Not Enough Because Action Matters


The current case for widespread optimism has never been stronger than it is right now. Humankind continues to evolve at a staggering rate, and fantastic possibilities are on the horizon. So how then can you teach yourself how to think positive? You’ll need to form a new habit, which you do by increasing your mindfulness about how you currently think.

Teaching Yourself How To Think Positive Is Simple

  • Keep track of the all the pessimistic, negative, or unhelpful thoughts that cross your mind in a day. Don’t even try to stop them or do anything about them. Monitor your progress for an hour or so and count the occurrences of thoughts that are not very helpful. If you’re like most people, you’ll see a high ratio of mental junk!
  • Once you’re in the habit of monitoring and identifying a negative thought, stop them!
  • Follow these steps as long as it takes for them to become second nature. Discard negative thinking and reject pessimism as a consistent philosophy forever. No, it’s not rational to always expect the worst possible outcome! Hoping for the best is healthier!

The biggest challenges come in when you teach yourself how to think positive thoughts when:

  • After being fired from your job.
  • Stay upbeat when bad things happen!
  • During major life transitions like a death in the family, a serious illness, or divorce.

Fantastic Things Happen When You Say and Think "I Can"

Challenging times are when maintaining a sunny attitude makes the biggest difference.  Let’s consider how an unwanted outcome like divorce sometimes has a silver lining. Nobody is happy when divorce strikes, but there are a few positives worth mentioning. Divorce only happens after years of incompatibility and fighting. At the very least, stress levels are about to ratchet down now that a split is imminent. Also, new opportunities to meet new people and have fresh experiences are now on the table! Certain things your spouse prevented your from doing are now open to you again. Although getting the divorce seems painful, confidence in the future helps you recover.

These quiet periods are when optimism is most crucial. If you just lost a job, you’ll want to get back up, dust yourself off, and find one you love a whole lot more! When something bad happens to you, you need to find your bearing as soon as possible. Optimistic people have fewer issues bouncing back because they genuinely believe that better days are ahead. Without a robust framework of self-empowerment and personal development, it’s tough to stand up to adversity. It’s not like most schools or parents teach their children how to think positively or how optimism can help them achieve their goals. The only reasons these disciplines are considered “Secrets” is because the masses don’t spend much time learning about them on a daily basis unless they search out the information.

How to Have a Positive Mindset By Teaching Yourself How to Think Positive

Avoid Negative Thinking at All Costs By Teaching Yourself How to Think Positive
Avoid Negative Thinking at All Costs By Teaching Yourself How to Think Positive

Positive mindsets don’t come naturally to a vast majority of people. If thinking favorably were a common trait, there would be less of an emphasis on negativity. The media would certainly post more inspirational stories every day if they thought people wanted to hear it!

When You Learn How to Think Positive Good Things Happen

So don’t feel bad (get it?) if you have a poor attitude! You’re not alone, and you most likely were taught your mindset by your family and friends. They probably aren’t spectacularly inspirational either. The malaise of worrying and suffering anxiety about modern society and our place in it has plagued humankind for centuries. Only through consistent effort will anyone change their essential nature or outlook. It’s a fantastic goal, though, because staying upbeat puts the wind at your sails no matter what you’re doing.

With enough practice, anyone can learn how to get rid of negative thoughts! Do you ever wonder why so many people love looking at positive thinking quotes every single day? It’s so that they can shift their focus (or maintain an already upbeat one) by reminding themselves of an inspirational idea.






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