People have a tendency to expect perfection in their lives.

It’s a sign of living in a modern society with a high-quality level of lifestyle. People are trained to want more, no matter what they have. That’s aspirational and not a terrible way to live, but there’s one issue worth considering.

Into each life, some rain will fall! You can buy an umbrella, or stay indoors, but eventually, you’ll face a rainy day. Is this enough to make your cry? It shouldn’t be because along with the rain comes rainbows.

Dolly Parton said it all with her famous quote.

If You Want the Rainbow, You Gotta Put up with the Rain

If You Want the Rainbow, You Gotta Put up with the Rain

Never try to avoid the “bad things” that happen. They probably aren’t as terrible as you think. What matters is that you’re able to deal with unpleasantness. If you let a temporary event blow your entire mood, you’ve gone too far.

The worst way to deal with a bad day is by losing your temper. Anytime your emotions get the best of you; you end up paying a higher price than needed. Emotional costs should be kept to a minimum, especially when dealing with temporary setbacks.  Inclement weather doesn’t last, and bad moods don’t have to, either. 

If you’ve been taking things too hard, let yourself off the hook. The small inconveniences of daily life aren’t there to prevent your progress. Mundane but unfortunate things that happen to everyone! The only mistake is placing too much emphasis on them or looking for special meaning. Even world famous celebrities get caught in traffic. All that matters is your reaction.

React in a good mood, and you will love the results! Being upbeat and optimistic is the sure way to get to your destination. The rainbow is coming. You just might have to deal with some rain first.

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