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Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud

May 8, 2021 7:32 pm | Positive Thinking | 0 comments

Maya Angelou once said, “be a rainbow in somebody else’s cloud.” It’s never easy to remain positive when faced with adversity. However, it is vital to do so for the sake of others. This blog post discusses how you can be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud by staying optimistic and showing empathy.

Empathy means you’re willing to consider how others feel so that you have a positive impact.

Why add to someone else’s woes?

Maya Angelous Rainbow Quote

Why is it essential to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud? Well, life can suck. People go through tough times, and sometimes there will always be negative things happening around us. It may be more rewarding to add more negativity into the mix, but other people benefit from your sunny outlook if you are an optimist. That may not always be straightforward to accomplish, but it’s worth a try.

Rainbows make people happy, so be more like one.

Rainbows are colorful and put a smile on everyone’s faces. They are also a sign of hope. You might want to be more like one too! Consider how someone in a foul mood benefits from dealing with a ray of sunshine from a happy person. Spreading happiness takes time and effort.

It may not always feel good to be around a negative person, and it’s hard to shake them out of their mood, but it’s worth the effort. If you are an optimist and want to make others happy too, try these strategies:

  • Smile more often – put on your favorite song and dance with abandon – 
  • Tell someone something they have done well (even if it is a small accomplishment.) Most people receive very little encouragement, so why not add some?
  • Tell jokes and share fun videos. Be the person that takes people’s minds off their woes. That’s what a rainbow does instinctively.

Be aware that others may be having an off-day or be going through a difficult time.

Be aware that others may be having an off-day or be going through a difficult time. You can’t control other people’s reactions, but you can take care of your well-being. If you’re feeling at your best, it can be contagious. Negative and positivity both spread like wildfire through social circles.

Control your emotions to inspire others

If someone’s down, you can add to their negative spiral easily. It’s tougher to cheer someone up, but it’s worth trying. You may not be able to control other’s moods, but you can help anyone feel better. If someone’s feeling optimistic, they’ll want to share that with others.

Be aware of how your emotions will affect other people, and don’t allow yourself to fall into a negative spiral. Even if it is just for today or this week, keep going and notice all the beautiful changes you inspire.

Closing thoughts

  • Why does staying positive work to enthuse others?
  • Is there anything else besides pop tunes that you do or would recommend to cheer people up?
  •  What is the best way to cheer anyone up after a bad day?
  • What is the best way for someone who can’t travel due to physical limitations to cheer somebody up? 
  • What is your all-time favorite song that you hope will cheer others too because they need it and know how much it means when someone listens when they’re down?



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